Understanding and Intervening against Sexual Harassment at work (UISH)

UISH is a Nordic project on sexual harassment where police researchers will investigate understandings of and ways to work with sexual harassment in practice in collaboration with the police in Sweden, Iceland and Norway

The project is a follow up of another project (SUSH) https://www.politihogskolen.no/forskning/forskningsprosjekter/speak-up-a-practice-oriented-research-project-on-the-prevention-of-sexual-harassment-sush/ 

The project consists of three working packages: WP1– Bystander perspective, led by Bjørkelo/Norwegian Police University College, WP2– Harassed and exposed perspective, led by Steinþórsdóttir/ Pétursdóttir, University of Iceland and WP3 – Perpetrator perspective, led by Lundgren/Wieslander, Linköping University.

To investigate understandings and ways to work in practice with sexual harassment. 

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