Bachelor - Police studies

This is a three-year course, which will give you a broad theoretical and practical foundation for work in the police service.

Er du nysgjerrig på politiyrket og hvilke muligheter som finnes? I denne filmen får du et innblikk i det mangfoldige arbeidet politiet gjør.

What you will learn:

You will learn about the role of the police in society and the various tasks the police have in relation to crime prevention, patrolling and investigation.

To become a good police officer, you must learn about the law, gain insight into people in vulnerable situations and acquire skills relating to arrest techniques.

Theory and practice: 

The Police Studies programme contains a mixture of theory and practice.

There will be lectures, classes, exercises, group tasks and self-study. A fair amount of homework and preparation for exercises and assignments will be required.

The programme involves various kinds of assessment, including at-home assignments or written, oral and practical examinations.

Your timetable will vary:

The Police Studies programme is a full-time course of study, so you are expected to devote 45 hours a week to it. The amount of teaching you receive each week will vary. Some weeks may consist of completely full days, while other weeks will contain fewer classes and more self-study.

It can be difficult to combine this programme with a part-time job. Some of the classes are compulsory, and you may from time to time receive tuition at other locations than your usual NPUC campus.