Entry requirements

To become a student with the Norwegian Police University College, you must meet certain requirements.

Higher Education Entrance Qualification

  • You must have gained your higher education entrance qualification by 1 March to qualify for admission.
  • If you do not have a higher education entrance qualification, you can apply for admission on the basis of your overall academic attainment and work experience.

Norwegian language proficiency

  • You must have achieved a minimum of Grade 3 in Norwegian (main variant) at upper secondary school.

Driving licence, Class B

  • You must have obtained a Class B driving licence no later than 1 August of the year prior to the year you apply for admission.

Norwegian citizenship

  • You must have become a Norwegian citizen no later than 1 March of the year in which you apply for admission.

Clean police record

  • You must have a clean police record to be admitted to the NPUC. This is documented by means of an exhaustive and extended police certificate of conduct.

Medical requirements

  • To be admitted to the NPUC, you must meet certain medical requirements. This is necessary to ensure that you are able to complete your training.

Physical tests

  • You will have to pass tests in swimming, strength and general fitness.


  • To be admitted to the NPUC, you must be found suitable.

If you have any questions regarding the entry requirements, please contact us at opptak@phs.no