Semester registration

To have student status, you must register in Studentweb by the specified deadline at the start of each semester.

To have the student status, you must pay the semester fee and register for the semester.

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Bachelor and master degree students at the NPUC

You register by approving your course plan in Studentweb. Your course plan is a contract between you and us, and sets out each party’s most important rights and obligations. It is also a tool for planning your educational pathway.

If you are a bachelor or master’s degree student, you must approve your course plan every semester. You approve your course plan by reviewing it in Studentweb. You will then be registered to receive tuition and take the exams in your subjects.

The deadline for registration is 1 September for the autumn semester and 1 February for the spring semester.

If you have applied for a student loan or grant from Lånekassen, you must have paid your semester fee and be registered for that semester before the money will be paid out.

Students taking further and continuing education courses

If you are taking a further or continuing education course, you are automatically registered as a student for the semester when you pay your semester fee. Separate deadlines apply to the payment of the semester fee.