Morten Holmboe


Experience and background

I am a lawyer and hold a ph.d. in criminal law. Currently, I write a monograph on criminal procedure together with other authors. In addition, I research topics like the right to privacy, professionals’ duty of confidentiality, restorative justice and young offenders. From 2017 to 2019, I am a member of a commission appointed by the Government, tasked with drafting a new Act on education. I participate in the research group The Police in the Digital Society, and contributed to an anthology published in 2019.

Competence areas

  • Criminal law and criminal procedure
  • Human rights
  • Youth sentence and youth supervision
  • Copyright law


  • Code of criminal procedure
  • Preventive detention – young offenders
  • Duty to avert a criminal offence
  • Academic freedom

Teaches in

  • Criminal law/criminal procedure
  • Right to respect for private life
  • Human rights
  • Restorative justice

Last Publications