Jenny Maria Lundgaard

Associate Professor

Experience and background

I am a criminologist and got my Ph.D. from The University of Oslo in 2019, with a thesis on police control room practices and decision-making. I am currently working on a project looking into the introduction of drones in the Norwegian police, studying how new technologies shape and recreate police practices. My field of interest is the becoming of knowledge and use of technology, especially within operative policing. My previous research includes the politics of crime, zero tolerance and broken windows policing.

Competence areas

  • Encounters between humans and technology (Actor Network Theory)
  • Drones in Policing
  • Police Control Rooms
  • Operative Policing and Preparedness


  • The Becoming of Knowledge and Use of Technology in Policing
  • The Police’s Use of Drones
  • Police Control Room Practices
  • Operative Policing and Preparedness

Teaches in

  • Philisophy of Soscial Science, Research Ethics and Methods
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Police Science
  • Criminology

Last Publications