Espen Fronth-Andersen

Police Inspector

Experience and background

I am employed as subject manager/police inspector at Continuing Education in Investigation (VEF) at the Investigation Section, Department for Continuing and Continuing Education, at the Norwegian Police University College in Oslo. I am a trained interrogation instructor and investigation instructor. I come from a position as head of investigations at the Violence and Morality section in "old" Østfold, and have also been the main instructor in investigations, Øst pd. I started in the police at the Ordinance Department in Sarpsborg in 1995, before spending a number of years in drug/disorder at the same place. Visited UP for a period as well in the late 90s.

Competence areas

  • Investigation
  • Interregation
  • Investigation management

Teaches in

  • Further education in investigation
  • General Investigation