Carlota Urruela


Experience and background

I am a Lecturer in the Postgraduate Studies Department. My teaching focuses on Data Analysis and Visualisation in R, Research Methods, and Cybercrime Prevention. My research interests are the study of psychological variables, and more specifically, individual differences, such as personality and cognitive abilities, and their role in the explanation and prediction of violence and crime in general and cybercrime in particular. I also work on the development and validation of police risk assessment tools and offender prevention. I hold a degree in Psychology, a master’s in Crime Analysis and Prevention, and a PhD in Psychology.

Competence areas

  • Online Learning
  • Data Analysis and Visualisation
  • Police Risk Assessment Tool Development


  • Human Factor in Cybercrime
  • The Role of Individual Differences in Violence and Crime
  • Offender Prevention
  • Development and Validation of Police Risk Assessment Tools

Teaches in

  • Data Analysis and Visualisation
  • R Programming
  • Research Methods
  • Cybercrime Prevention